Northern Lights Safari

Easy and comfortable tour with local professional guide.

129 €/adult - 89 €/child
4 Hours 2-8 People


Northern Lights – also called Aurora, Auroras, Aurora Borealis, in Finnish ”revontulet” meaning ”Fox Fires” – they are wonderful, wonderful, wonderful! On our Aurora Hunting safaris many people start to cry for joy when they see the wonders. It’s very unforgettable moment to see them! You will become happy like a child – we can promise it.

Well, if you are lucky you can see Auroras from the yard of your hotel. But honestly and unfortenally, it’s more likely that you don’t see them. This nature phenomena appear and disappear. It’s very understandable that wonderful and spectacular Northern Lights pictures has been used in marketing the destination. Yes, these pictures are true, but Northern Lights are more unlikely than likely to see. And there is a fact, that they can appear now, disappear and come visible several hours later.

The sky can be cloudy, it can be raining or snowing and you need to drive very far to see Northern Lights. How far and where? With whose car, which direction, how many hours far, should I go to sleep now or wait more, how many hours you can wait in cold weather, how to interpret weather forecasts and conditions, what is the best place to see Auroras, what are the signs that Auroras will appear soon? Well, there are many obstacles not to see Auroras. You can be very tired and don’t trust you are able to see them and there are not many nights time to find them.

Well, that’s why we exist! With our tools, experience and knowledge we are able to find auroras almost always! That’s much promised, but you can read our customer reviews in Tripadvisor and see that’s true. We use several Aurora forecast services and connect information and make our route even hundreds of kilometres far hunting Auroras and to find the best place to see Auroras.

Is seeing Auroras primary aim of your holiday? Well, we recommend to join us.

Unfortunatelly we can’t promise that. We need to pay salaries, pay driving costs etc. and prices of the tours should be much higher if we would give quarantee. But we will not leave, if it’s unlikely to see Auroras and then you will get free entrance to next excursion, or you will get your money back if you are not able to join our next journey. Simply: It’s all about our reputation! We can’t make business long time if our customers don’t see Auroras and are unhappy and give bad feedback.

Looking for nature phenomena is risky but we have to take a risk. But one more time: if we estimate that there is no chance to see Auroras, we will not leave. We want to see happy customers and joy with them. 96 % of Tripadvisor reviews are 5 on scale 1 to 5. If we wouldn’t do this from our bottom of the heart, the reviews wouldn’t be so high.

Our strong will is offer the best Northern Lights safari in Ivalo, Inari and Saariselka area. Join us!



Note! If you dont’t find bookable days you want to join us, you can still ask us by email. We usually have changes in bookings so there can be space for you!

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